You are currently viewing 直接更換浸沒式聚合物超濾膜: 簡單 – 快速 – 經濟高效 – 堅固耐用

直接更換浸沒式聚合物超濾膜: 簡單 – 快速 – 經濟高效 – 堅固耐用

Ceramic flat sheet membranes (CFMs) can directly replace all available submerged polymeric UF membrane solutions.

The replacement is simple and fast. CERAFILTEC fits into the existing tanks and connects to the existing pipes. Essentially all main equipment can be re-used.

CFMs elevate the plant operation:

✅ No more fiber breakages

✅ Longer lifetime

✅ Less backwash waste (higher recovery rate)

✅ Resistant to peak events

✅ Less maintenance

✅ Less chemicals

Most often, a capacity increase within the same tanks can be achieved.

CFMs unlock powerful treatment flexibility: Removal of PFAS, taste and odor (MIB and Geosmin), heavy metals or radioactive isotopes via Active Cake Layer Filtration (ACLF) without the need of pre- or post-treatment steps.

Better total cost of ownership economics are being achieved via competitive replacement costs and reduced operating costs.

The CERAFILTEC team has successfully implemented such replacements in drinking water applications as well as MBRs and tertiary effluent treatment (TSE) in partnership with the local system integrators and EPCs.

The picture shows a direct replacement of polymeric UF racks with CERAFILTEC modules. 3×12 ceramic modules replace 1 polymeric membrane UF rack, achieving a capacity increase of up to 30% in this example.