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預製設計 – 用於砂濾器修復的快速簡便安裝

Many existing sand filter systems were planned and built decades ago. Especially in recent years, the requirements for filtration performance have become harder to meet. More polluted water sources and stricter regulations are pushing sand filters to their limits. In addition, there is often the need for capacity expansion of the existing plant, for which, however, little, or no additional space is available.

CERAFILTEC provides a unique solution for rehabilitation of existing sand filter systems: Thanks to the compact design and high flux performance of the ceramic flat sheet membrane module, a tank-in-tank concept enables a capacity increase per sand filter tank up to 4 times. Additional space is not required. The entire systems engineering equipment is either installed inside the sand filter tank or inside the existing building. The ceramic ultrafiltration ensures consistently high-quality water filtrate even under the toughest or fluctuating feed conditions.

The picture shows a tank-in-tank solution that increases the capacity by about 3 times. The plant is being commissioned these days. Membrane modules, as well as tank-in-tank concept and process design, were supplied by CERAFILTEC. The rebuild was carried out by a local system integrator.

More pictures here.