Our 3rd generation module is flow optimized to achieve the maximum performance of the ceramic membranes. The four large internal filtered water channels allow for flux rates up to 1,500 LMH (equal to 9 m³/hr) with one single module at minimal pressure losses. The entire housing, as well as all accessories are free of any metals and therefore usable in the harshest applications and at the same time achieving a very long lifespan. Additionally, no surrounding frames or hose connections between the modules are required. 

Ceramic flat sheet membrane - CERAFILTEC - Module 6.0 S exploded


  • Less filter area needed due to high flux operation – high CAPEX savings 
  • Suitable for seawater and other challenging applications without any risks of corrosion problems
  • Operation at hot temperature up to boiling water
  • Fully modular due to no surrounding frame – option to change number of modules per tower at any time either to optimize project costs or to increase the plant capacity in future 
  • Most compact design – towers can be installed in close distance to each other as no hoses are needed