We provide all details of the tank design and surrounding filtration equipment. Due to the modular design concept of the towers it is very easy to install our equipment. During the project execution, we provide all requirements and guidelines for a fast installation and start-up.

Train is prepared for installation
Civil works construction is completed; piping, valves and instrumentation are installed (scope of project partner)
Step 1
Installation of filtered water header pipe holders on left and right side of concrete walls
Step 2
Installation of air-scouring sets to be fixed by screws on concrete bottom
Step 3
Connection of installed air-scouring sets to common blower pipe
Step 4
Installation of tower position holders on the bottom of the tank
Step 5
Positioning of first module tower
Step 6
Completion of first tower line
Step 7
Repetition of tower positioning for all remaining tower lines
Step 8
Installation of sprinkler sets on top of all tower lines
Step 9
Connection of installed sprinkler sets to common sprinkler pipe
Step 10
Mounting of filtered water header pipe couplings
Step 11
Installation of first filtered water header pipe, connection to each tower, fixing on wall holders and coupling
Step 12 (installation completed)
Repetition of filtered water header pipe installation for all remaining tower lines
Tests and process start-up
Leakage test: tank filled with water and bubble point test to check for leakages; simulation of all process sequences
Ready for operation
Train can be put into operation as per projection