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Metal-free module solution for challenging applications

Thousands of tons of waste acid solutions containing suspended impurities are produced in the chemical industry, every year. These waste streams typically must be neutralized and then transferred to a sewage treatment plant. Stricter regulations, increasing discharge costs, and sustainability concerns create the need for recovery systems.

To filter these aggressive acid streams, highly chemical-resistant filtration equipment is required. Ceramic flat sheet membranes are known for their suitability. However, the surrounding module parts require the same robustness, to offer a durable product.

In 2017, CERAFILTEC developed and launched together with SABIC Solutions for Water Management a metal-free high flux module. It is fully made of NORYL™ resin. Today, it is successfully used in wastewater and drinking water projects with a total capacity of about 370,000 m³/d.

Yesterday we have ordered another NORYL™ batch of 25 tons, to produce 3,000 more modules. We have thus exceeded the 20,000 module mark.

The picture shows a part of a recent shipment of 500 modules. 14 towers, each with 8 modules are assembled for installation in an acid waste stream treatment plant.

More about our module design:

SABIC product launch press release: