You are currently viewing BREAKTHROUGH FLUX PERFORMANCE OF 1,000+ LMH


CERAFILTEC has successfully started up its brackish groundwater RO pre-treatment plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with an unparalleled performance.

The pilot is producing up to 170 m³/d with only one filtration module with a filter area of 6.0 m². It is the first time that a ceramic flat sheet membrane is operating at flux rates of 1,000 LMH and well beyond. The transmembrane pressure is very low at an avg. TMP of only -0.18 bar. This not only allows a significantly more compact system but also results in tremendous savings in CAPEX & OPEX. The substantially higher performance is driven by the highly hydrophilic surface of the SiC membrane in conjunction with the hydraulically optimized module housing.

With this demonstration, CERAFILTEC is taking the first step entering the water treatment in Saudi Arabia, with highest quality and highest performance products, combined with local expertise and know-how.

The injection molded GFRP module is manufactured in Germany and is made of NORYL™ from the technology partner SABIC.